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Navigation As I am still living in a 3rd world country I dont have the money to buy more monitor but, Im testing my 4 monitor 3d setup in an office here in Italy and I love it. In the below pics you can see the three monitors I use for 3d development. I bought the philips 18inch monitor which was cheaper than buying another 19inch screen.The bench is a new iMac D640 with 2 videocards in a small case. The two cards are one ATI Radeon 9700Pro and the other a NVIDIA 7200GS. The three computer are in a row and the two videocards are connected to the monitor using HDMI. The situation is very similar to the one of this blog post in the north america. The two types of cards should work with the iMac D640. The connexion between the three computer is done through gigabit ethernet. My next step is to try to use the power of the three computers to be able to create a more solid game (better than World of Warcraft for me ). I want to be able to get a lot of tasks done in a short time because as you can see I have a lot to do I see you are looking at, there are a lot of setups that would be better suited for the money, and that is probably true but you can get an 18" monitor for around $30 including shipping so it was pretty easy to justify. I would think a 24" display would be a bit more cost effective as you get more screen real estate per dollar. The question was asked, "I am thinking of getting two 24-inch monitors to maximize my working space and get some decent FPS." He went on to say, "If you are running two monitors at 1920 x 1080 you are getting what you pay for. You would need to get two 4k monitors to reach what you want to do. " I would never put more than one monitor at 1920×1080. I tried that with my MBP and it was just annoying. I would also not use a single monitor for all my tasks. I have two 27 inch monitors hooked up to my MBP and if I run two 1920×1080 monitors it doesn't really make sense to me. You get the same amount of screen real estate from two 27 inch monitors as one 27 inch monitor. The price difference between a 27 inch monitor and a 24 inch monitor is minimal. I know you can get




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